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"Berlin School of Technology (BEST)" --> educates Best Practices on Cyber Citizen Responsibilities in the Digital Society!

BEST serves for Specifications of Methods and Processes of Security&Safety Evaluation and Testing of Ultra Large-Scaled (ULS), e.g. 'Cyber Physical' Systems, according to [ULS Book 2006, CMU SEI].

BEST provides Technical Seminars in the realms of:

German/English-spoken Periodic (3 monthly) School of Standardization Effort on Cyber Security and Security Indication @ "ISO/IEC-ETSI Liaison"!

German/English-spoken Annual School of Cyber Defense in Critical Infrastructures @ "Club R2GS-SoSo German Chapter"! 

German-spoken Periodic (1 monthly) School of Digital Society, Regulations and IT Laws @ smartspacelab! 

BEST Next Events:
ETSI ISG ISI#26 General Assembly, 10h00-13h00 & 
Club R2GS-SoSo Cyber Defense Workshop, 13h00-18h00 

21. April 2016 @ FhG-FOKUS Berlin

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--> To Download the Call to get informed about the Club R2GS Workshop and ETSI ISG ISI

to participants at the Workshop please submit a  
Position Statementthat includes issues of - but not limited to - on how to ...  

  • to standardize and to categorize Information Security Indicators (ISI),
  • to invent measures of and to report from experience with Cyber Defense, 
  • to use security benchmarks for system evaluations and audits,
  • to implement testing standards (Test-Normen),
  • to discuss standardization and governmental strategies of implementing of and reporting upon 
    • Critical Infrastructures, 
    • Smart Cities and Girds, 
    • Smart Internet of Things etc. 

BEST is sheltered by the registered trademark smartspace(TM)!