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The Annual Seminar "ACM/GI Chateau Steinhoefel, May 14-15, 2014"

Die "ACM/GI RG BB Jahrestagung Schloß Steinhöfel, 14.-15. Mai 2014"

The ACM/GI Schloß Steinhöfel Seminar (3S) promotes
  • Emergig technologies of IT Law & Regulation Compliance,
  • Software Technology, Critical Infrastructures,
  • EU Horizon2020 Cyber Security & Defense Evaluation and Testing
  • Inclusion Policies of SMEs,
  • Information Security Indicators (ISI) &
  • Measurements (SIEM) Standardization etc.
  • Please provide your personal feed-back from the joint Club R2GS EU Chapters GI/ACM Annual Conference @ Chateau Steinhoefel by Answering the linked Questionnaire! You will help us a lot!

  • The R2GS Digital Society comprises EU Institutions and Organizations of: