ab ovo usque ad mala

At FIC'15, Lille, the German Minister of the Interior, Thomas de Maiziere,  

has explained the purpose and impact of the new IT Law [2] to the German Communities (cp. R2GS-SoSo Pillar-1-model of Stakeholders & Pillar-4-model of Compliancy) and has posted the following theses (not limited to): 

  1. IT Laws will fit both the real world and the so-called virtual World, i.e. both are real to law and aiming at a minimum IT Security to all Network Infrastructure (NIS) providers and enterprises; 
  2. The Digital Infrastructure DIGIS must be defended in same way as other Critical Infrastructures CRITIS provided by any application domain provider;
  3. Cyber Defense Strategies must be developed by Regional/National Communities - Fight against Cyber Crime or Terrorism must be done world-wide; 
  4. There is nothing like a special use case as the Digital Era!
  5. Awareness requires information from Network Infrastructure (NIS) providers (e.g. collected by German BSI Lageberichte);
  6. Freedom is not trustworthy without Security - National Intelligence Agencies however will be allowed to collect data lawfully from NIS providers; 
  7. EU Nations must demonstrate responsibilities to 'online and offline' services and applications in a similar manner - (encrypted end-to-end) communications cannot be transformed at borders;