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Welcome to the Club R2GS-SoSo's Annual Seminar 2015!

Please notice changed location @ PCT Potsdam Center for Technology: 

(do not travel to Chateau Steinhöfel, the Seminar has moved to PCT Potsdam City!)

Safe the Date: May 20 (Open Seminar Day) and May 21 (R2GS only)!  

The Annual Seminar is organized in relation to the Forum International de la Cybersecurite, Lille France: R2GS EU Chapters Meeting @ FIC 2015 & FIC 2014 

In the picture above taken at FIC'15 R2GS Session A08, you can find, from left to right, the following chairs of the EU Chapters of the Club R2GS:

  • Luxembourg: Christophe Bianco,
  • Italy: Alberto Manfredi,
  • Germany: Jan deMeer,
  • Belgium: Ulrich Seldeslachts,
  • France, & Club R2GS General Chair: Gerard Gaudin.

Conditions to Contribute & Participate: 

Please feel attracted to provide your technical statement/presentation related to the seminar topics above and send your announcements to demeer@smartspacelab.de

Your preliminary announcement shall contain the name of the primary author and his/her affiliation, the tentative title together with related key words: 

Please, download both  Chateau Steinhöfel 2015 Call + Registration Document

Please check the Call only for your personal  Contribution or Participation

Please register before April 10 (Early Bird) by filling    Registration Form:

Seminar Topics for Discussion: 

SIEM-based Cyber Defense (CD) Methods and Security Indicators, applied by Industries and large organizations for Bencharking and Security Tests! 

Preliminary Seminar Agenda & Time Schedule:

Day 1, May 20 (Open Seminar Day): 

09h30 - 10h00    Bus Pick-up @ Airport Berlin-Tegel for Destination Chateau;
11h00 - 11h20    Registration @ Hotel + Seminar

11h30 - 12h15   Opening Session
                          General Trends in Cyber Defense & OSM/SIEM

12h15 - 13h20   1st CD Session on
                           Operational Security Management (OSM)
                           Experiences and Use Cases: 

Tamper-resistant Sensor Nodes to protect CRITIS (Prof. Peter Langendörfer, IHP - Inst. for Microelectronics, FFO);

Cyber Security Management Mobilization in huge Organizations (Club R2GS Chair Gerard Gaudin)

- Lunch -

14h30 - 16h00   2nd CD Session on
                          OSM latest technical trends: 

Continuous (Real Time) Incident Response Management and Evaluation of CRITIS (German Chapter Club R2GS);

Development of ISI-based Benchmarks and Security Tests by Tooling (e.g.Graph Transformation Modelling, TTCN) (N.N. Technical University Berlin, R2GS-SoSo); 

16h15 - 18h00   3rd CD Session on
                          SIEM/ISMS Standards and EU Regulations and Laws: 

IT Security & Privacy wrt German (BDSG) and EU IT Laws (Prof. Joachim Hof, University Munich)

ETSI/ISO/IEC Standard Development and new projects, SIEM, Industry4.0, IoT, IT Security (SC27), Cloud Security (SC38) etc. (DIN Delegate)

19h00 - open:    Get-together Dinner Party @ Chateau Chimney Salon 

Day 2, May 21 (Closed Club Assembly Day): 

07h45 - 08h30   Get-together Morning Coffee 
08h30 - 09h45   Club R2GS Assembly Meeting (closed to the public)  

10h00 - 10h20   Bus Pick-up @ Chateau for Destination Airport Berlin-Tegel
             12h00   Latest arrival time planned @ Airport TXL 

Seminar Chairs:

3S'15 General Chair: 
Jan de Meer, CTO smartspace labs GmbH Berlin 
                                (HR11073, DE258546261)
Technical Chairs:   Axel Rennoch, Fraunhofer FOKUS Berlin,
                                Jens Richter, Consultancy Berlin c/o ssl.eu GmbH
Club R2GS General Chair:  Gerard Gaudin, G2C Paris