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"Berlin School of Technology (BEST)" --> provides Best Practices on Cyber Citizen Responsibilities and Trustworthiness Guidelines toward a Digital Society!

BEST serves for Methods, Processes and Theories of Cyber Safety&Privacy&Security (SPS) Trustworthiness Evaluation and Testing of Components of Ultra Large-Scaled (ULS) sometimes called 'Cyber Physical' Systems, according to [ULS Book 2006, CMU SEI] and to the standardization series of [IEC 62443 Industrial Automation and Control Systems(IACS)]. 

BEST contributes to the following I4.0 Standardization Projects:
  • Standardization Project on Information Security Indicators and Incidents Responses of the "ISO/IEC JTC1-to-ETSI Liaison" 
    • ETSI ISG ISI006 
  • 6th IACS Standardization Workshop Series, hosted by GI Jahrestagung INFORMATIK 2021
  • German-spoken University Seminars on IACS issues of 
    • Cognitive Systems (CoSy) and 
    • Data Analysis and Synthesis (DAS) Theory!

BEST shares the trademark smartspace® with: registered trademark smartspace(TM)!