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IACS Workshop Series Scopes and Programmes: 

The 5th GI/ACM Standardization Workshop on Secure and Safe Industrial Automation and Control Systems (IACS) took place virtually at September 28, 2020, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) that hosted the 50th GI's yearly assembly (GI Informatik 2020 Jahrestagung).

The 7th GI/ACM Standardization Workshop on IACS will take place at last week of September 2022, Hamburg: 

2022 Hamburg: CfP 7th IACS WS

2021 Berlin: Proceedings (pages 1743 - 1805);

2020 Karlsruhe: Proceedings 5th IACS WS (pages 283 - 350):

2019 Kassel: Proceedings 4th IACS WS (pages 241 - 320):

2018 Berlin: Proceedings 3rd IACS WS

2017 Chemnitz: Proceedings 2nd IACS WS

2016 Klagenfurt: Proceedings 1st IACS WS;

The scope of IACS Standardization and thus of the Workshop included but is not limited to the full bandwidth of the current 13 parts of the IEC 62443 IACS Standards series, i.e.:

1. IACS Modeling and Concepts 

2. System Security Conformance Metrics 

3. Security Lifecycle and Use Cases 

4. Patch and Security Management Systems 

5. IACS Security Risk Assessment and Security Levels 

6. Product Development 

7. Security Requirements for IACS Components, 

which includes requirements to security und safety measures to be applied during the full IEC62443 IACS live cycle comprising: 

1. Rules and procedures for operation and maintenance of IACS 

2. Planning and installation of Basic Process Control Systems (BPCS), Safety In-strumented Systems (SIS), other hard and software of IACS 

3. Development and implementation of IACS components comprising 

1. embedded devices 

2. network components 

3. host devices 

4. applications.